Hi You!

Thank you for visiting my page and wanting to get to know more about me! My name is Bobbie Wall and I am a singer and songwriter of countrypop songs. Writing about everyday life and stuff that happens around me. I’m currently living in Amsterdam where I moved when I was 17 years old, trying to get out of a small town somewhere in The Netherlands.

In 2014 I debuted with my EP May I Sing For You? produced by Huub Reijnders. In a street-art gallery in Amsterdam I presented my songs and performed intimate sessions for fans and industry. In 2016 I released my EP Play!, the answer to the question May I sing for you? I produced this one myself together with Bernard Gepken and Paul van de Geijn. This record turned out to be an ode to life, friendships, family and music. Like the song Up that embodies the power of music as a mood enhancer and Right, before I … that consists small poems by people on their deathbed, who realize what really matters in life: L O V E (what else?!) Take a listen ♪♬

In 2017 I collaborated with my dear friend and writer Martine Bakker and developed a performance ‘Alleen als we samen mogen’ and CD-Book! Buy your book here –> BUY!

And then I got pregnant and started a new project. Creating a human being from scratch! Oh and meanwhile I recorded an EP in the last month of my pregnancy. I made a music video too. The Hurricane. Check it out. 

Now I’m busy planning and scheming new things. And I can tell, this is going to be so much fun! Stay tuned…

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Bobbie Wall